The Answer to Every Question

Love is all there is the underlying essence of the core of our being. Love is the answer to every question. Somehow each one of us is able to feel or know the power of love. We all have a memory of the feeling of "unconditional" love (be it a memory from our parents, a relative, a dog, a cat,...). It is this quality that all of us truly wish to live our lives from. Gayle Franceschetti feels that our role as human beings is to get back to the Divine authentic self that we are. Understanding that the key to our greatest happiness lies in our perceptions, Gayle helps others to see how their thoughts create the world in which they live.

The guidance to true self-empowerment

The key to happiness lies in our perceptions and our understanding that we can have heaven on earth. We are born with unconditional love inside of us, but as we grow it is covered up by programs and beliefs. It is with love, compassion and clarity of vision that Gayle guides her apprentices and clients to clear away the filters that inhibit them from true self empowerment so that they can in order to live their lives in a world of unconditional love and joy.

Acclaimed intuitive counselor and healer

Gayle FranceschettiGayle Franceschetti is an acclaimed intuitive counselor, healer and Reiki Master. She holds Masters Degrees in Education and Counseling and is certified in hypnotherapy, past life regression and the Reconnection™. She is an associate of Life Mastery Programs and a teacher in the lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Gayle has studied with a host of internationally known spiritual leaders, including Don Miguel Ruiz and his mother, Madre Sarita, who consecrated Gayle as a healer in the Toltec Tradition.

Offering workshops, transforming lives

As founder of the L.O.V.E. Institute she hosts a variety of workshops and power journeys. Being an open channel for Divine Energy, Gayle integrates the power of universal love, compassion and understanding into all of her workshops and healing sessions, enabling her clients and apprentices to realize true and lifelong transformations and to discover the art of living in our natural state of happiness.